The Schedule:

There is not much to this, but it recently occured to us that nowhere on the website do we give a concise listing of what is going to happed on the day of our wedding. So, here is goes.

  • 2:30 - Ceremony at the Newman Center
  • 4:00 - Reception at the Viscount Suite Hotel

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Wedding Party:

Anya's Parents

Robert's Parents

Galina Sukhina

Diana Stickney

Sergei Sukhina

Joseph Stickney

Bride's Attandants

Maid of Honor - Maria Stickney

Robert's sister

Bridesmaid - Rachel Gilbert

Anya's good high school friend

Bridesmaid - Iunona Croitor

Anya's good friend

Bridesmaid - Alona Sukhina

Anya's younger sister

Groom's Attendants

Best Man - Revelino Guron

Robert's good childhood friend

Groomsman - Isaac Stickney

Robert's younger brother

Groomsman - Nick Johnson

Robert's good childhood friend

Groomsman - Andrew Stickney

Robert's youngest brother

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Our Honeymoon:

For our honeymoon, we will visit Helsinki, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia. We will spend 2 nights in Helsinki enjoying the beautiful city and recovering from jet lag. We will then fly to St. Petersburg where we will spend 10 nights. We are lookng forward to exploring the Hermitage museum, the old castles and fortresses of the Tzars, and enjoying walks in the amazing gardens of St. Petersburg.

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Girl Stuff:

- The bridesmaids will be wearing tea-length pastelle colored dresses of their choice and carrying white bouquets.
- The bride will be carying a white gladiola bouquet.

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