A little about the couple:
The Steward Observatory

Anya and Robert are recent graduates from the University of Arizona with electrical engineering degrees. Anya is a microcode developer for IBM. She is working on the Enterprise Storage Servers that the recent IBM commercials are about! Robert is an elecrical engineer at the University of Arizona Astronomy Department. He currently has projects at the National Radio Astronomic Observatory and the world famous Mirror Lab!

Old Main Fountain Robert and Anya met during the 2002 Spring semester in a U of A circuit design cource through a mutual friend. The three of them formed a study group, and over time became close friends. The following semester, Anya and Robert had the same schedule of classes and spent much of their free time studying together. As the semester passed, they became closer, and eventually realized that they liked eachother. October 5, 2002, during a long night of studying for yet another exam, Robert suggested that they go on a refreshing walk. Robert asked Anya out while they were sitting near the Old Main fountain (Anya thought this was very romantic), and the rest is history...

Our engagement:

Robert proposed to Anya during the finals week of their senior semester (May 13, 2004). They had just finished a large portion of their senior desing project, and were going to spend the whole night debugging a lab for another cource. While walking to Robert's appartment, Anya said that it would be nice if Robert could propose that night so that they could spend their time discussing the engagement, rather then working on the dredded lab. In responce, Robert just laughed, and said that although that would be great, they needed to get the lab done. Luckilly Anya did not look at Robert during that exact moment, as he could not stop himself from smiling with anticipation.

When they walked in to Robert's appartment, Anya saw a large bouquet of flowers on the table. Robert said that he got it for Anya as an early present for finishing the tough cemester. He began pointing out the beautifull red gladiolas and roses, making sure that Anya looked in to the middle of the bouquet. While doing so, Anya noticed a little red box placed deep inside the bouquet. She opened it and saw a beautifull ruby ring inside. She then looked at Robert, who was standing on one knee, unable to surpress his smille. He asked Anya, "Will you marry me?", to which Anya replied by hugging him and sayinig, "Yes, of cource, I love you."